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Union Men Mission Statement

Union Men.com is for the men that are in the Union. This site is to communicate to men and in a manly way. You could say there is no crying@UnionMen.com. But you know that's not true. There is plenty of hurt feelings, serious issues, and quite a lot to moan about. But we need to communicate with each other. We should express our needs, our wants, and what we think about the boss. We should tell each other the good times, and the great times. That's what this site is all about!

The focus is going to be on communication, so we are going to need moderators, contributors, and lots of readers. Anyone who wants to assist in the forum or the blog, you're welcome.

We also want to spread our support of the Union way. Our intentions are to sell union members, an e-mail address that announces to everyone his union support. At all of our sites, we will be supplying different e-mail endings. So will be the first to get your name@UnionMen.com! Our plan is to charge ten dollars per year. The money will support the site. For the cost of 4 cups of coffee, you can tell everyone that you e-mail that you are Union strong!

It is all up to you. Without your support, this is just another website.

Thank you very much,

Robert MacDonald


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